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   This page provides a map and aerial view of the sites that were visited by Jesus.  You can also navigate  to the site information.


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   This page displays a selection of maps of the sites that were visited by Jesus and are described in the New testament.





Sites of Jesus travels:


       You can select either one of the maps below (map of Israel, Aerial view, or Hybrid) and zoom into it. Clicking on one of the markers will display a brief information on the site, and you can get more info by branching to its web site.

    You can also select one of the sites listed on the right list to get to that site's description.



The colored marker represents the period of the visit in relation to the Jesus' public ministry:

  Blue     = 1st year

 ● Red     = 2nd year ("year of popularity")

 ● Purple  = 3rd year ("year of opposition")

 ● Green  = post life






Travels of Jesus

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For a tabular detailed list - go to Jesus footsteps page.



References and Links:

 - walk with us through the sites of the Holy Land


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