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  This web page has a set of tools for researching the bible.



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This page has a set of tools for searching the bible:






* Bible Gateway

* Hebrew Bible

* Mishna, Talmud


* Bible search

* StudyLight

* Parallel Bible

* Map tools

* Misc

* Other good sites




(1) Bible Gateway:


Lookup a word or passage in the Bible



(2) Hebrew Bible, Mishna & Talmud






(3) Serach KJV




(4) Advanced Bible Searches:


Choose a Bible Book or Range
Type your text here
Ignore Case
Highlight Results




(5) StudyLight search tools




(6) OnLine Parallel Bible



(7) Map tools



(8) Misc


  • Popular words - most popular words in the Bible ranked by order of frequency


(9) Other good sites


  • Vatican site - helps reading the Bible
  • - Understanding canonical texts of Christianity and Judaism


















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