Websites for IT training resources: The TOP 15


  As the scope of Information Technology is increasing day by day, more people are moving towards this profession. Over the past few years, there has been a drastic increase in the number of people opting for IT certifications and training courses. This has also let the need for more training resources for IT emerge. However, this increase has brought a little problem with it as well. Since there are numerous websites on the internet which are ready to provide their IT Training services, not all of the websites are good enough as they claim to be.


The existence of a large number of such websites has made it difficult for people to narrow down the best websites which will provide them with the best and most authentic training resources. There are loads of websites which are waiting to fraud you. This requires you to deal with this issue in a professional manner and only opt for a website which you think is credible enough. Fortunately, you do not have to go through any of these problems anymore! We have compiled a unique list of the top websites which will be able to provide you the most authentic resources for training.


Following is the list of the top 15 websites for IT Training resources




   The OpenGroup.comprovides a wide range of training resources which aim at turning you into IT specialists. It uses modern methods to train the candidates and provide extensive resources for training as well.




This website by Juniper provides training resources for the field of Networking. All those who are looking for training resources concerning the field of networking must have a look at this website.




Pass4Sure is one of the best IT training websites around the world. It provides trainingresources for many certification companies so that you can get a comprehensive training which will help you a lot.




The core training courses provided by Avaya's website are related to implementation, networking and programming. These resources will provide the candidates with a comprehensive procedure to operate and manage Avaya products.




The field of data security and management is progressing day by day. This website provides the best training resources which will turn you into professional data security managers.




Hitachi is a well-known company which engineers some of the best products in the world. Its website provides extensive training resources to familiarize the candidates with the procedure of managing and operating its products.




Apple is the best company for producing smartphones and laptops. It uses IOS, which is one of the best operating systems in the world. provides many training resources which aim at training the candidates to use Apply products, develop applications and much more. In fact, it is one of the best websites in the world.




This website delivers training resources in a wide range of fields. It is famous for holding a large database of training resources for different certifications and courses. All those who opt for the training courses provided by tend to be in a great benefit.



Do you hold a desire to prepare for your course with real exam questions and get the best IT training resources? Well, this website will offer you an edge by providing you authentic and useful training resources which will be of great help to you.




EMC is the website which provides the best IT Training resources in the informationmanagement and storage industry. It is home to well-known certifications, courses and training resources.


11. is surely the best option if you are looking for software training resources. It provides the best training resources which will augment your skills and knowledge.




If you are in need of training resources for the fields of Networking and Visualization, then this website is the perfect option for you.




Oracle is a prominent company which offers solutions to various businesses using its products. Its website provides detailed training resources for IT courses and exams which help the candidates get better knowledge regarding its products.


15. is a famous website for providing resources in the field of IT Service management. It aims at offering extensive IT learning programs and resources which will train you and allow you to excel in your field.