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This page contains a selection of the reviews we received on other portals and  web sites.


Selected Reviews:


Christ Church Plano - Rev. Canon David H. Roseberry (Nov 16, 2010)


  "...And for all who long to go to the Holy Land but cannot manage the time or the costs just yet, I found the next best thing.  Seriously, I have been looking for a website that would capture it all in an amazing way.  I found it only a few days ago. Go here and click away on your own spiritual journey.  Try to tie it all to your devotional Bible reading. Ask yourself as you read, “Where did this take place?” Then click on the site and bring it up.".  



 Christian Resources Today   (Jan 14, 2010)


  "...BibleWalks is a great 'Holy Land' information resource site. They have created an online environment that allows you to get up and personal when it comes to the 'Holy Land.' Regardless if you are a student of the Bible or you just love learning about history, this website is definitely a must see".


Bible Resources:










July 5, 2007: 


   The Israeli PC on-line portal ( is a popular Israeli Hi-Tech and PC on-line magazine. This portal selected the web site as its recommended site on July 5, 2007.


   The detailed review, shown on the right side, is in Hebrew. It describes our web sites and explains why the reviewers made this selection.


Click here to see the article on the portal (Hebrew).



*** We thank the reviewers and publisher for their positive feedback.



Aug 11, 2007 update: has been #1 ALL-TIME recommended site for the entire month. 324 readers since July 5 have selected it with average points 7.78,  making it the best all-time web site in selected web sites.


Mar 29, 2008 update:

   Still #1, with 1047 readers and an average score of 7.72.


May 16, 2009 update:

  Still #1, with 2839 readers and an average score of 7.73.



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 - "This (website) brings the Bible Alive!!"