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Mount Tabor is also a popular launching site for hang gliders. They jump off the steep hill and soar over the Jezreel valley.

Gliders over the Jezreel valley.

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Aerial Map




Mount Tabor is also a popular launching site for hang gliders. The  gliders jump off the road close to the top, and soar over the Yizreel (Jezreel) valley.

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Isaiah 40:31: “…they shall mount up with wings as eagles”.

Aerial Map:

   The following aerial view shows the points of interest. Note the winding road that crawls up the hill, up the height of 300M. On top of the hill, on the last turn of the access road, is the most popular jumping place.


(a) Jumping site:

The popular site where the hang gliders assemble their gear and jump off the cliff is located close to the top of the hill. The photo below shows the Yizreel (Jezreel) valley in the background, with the village of Daburiyah on the lower right side, and the city of Nazareth on the far right background.

Gliders prepare the jump over the Jezreel valley.

   The gliders wait for good winds, and in the mean time sit below one of the trees. Although this extreme sport is a solo experience, there are groups and clubs that have fun together, as the group seen below.

Gliders wait for good winds

   After landing, the glider is packed and brought back to the jumping site by car that carries the gear back to the jumping site.

Assembled glider

(b) Above the top of the hill:

   After jumping from the site, the winds may carry the glides for long minutes high back and above the jumping site, sometimes swirling over the structures above the top of the hill – as seen below.

Circling above the monasteries

(c) High above the valley:

Then, the gliders slowly descend down in circles. This may take an hour or so with favorable winds.

   A pair of gliders are seen below, making their descent down to the valley.  The left glider takes clockwise swirls, while the right glide flies in counter-clockwise turns.

Gliders soar over the valley

   A closer view of the glider. In the background is the Moreh hill, with the village of Naim where Jesus has performed a miracle.

Glider high in the air


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