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Biblical items



1. Original Photos:



   You can purchase some of the photos that appear in, or are offered by our partner sites. For more details, press here.





2. Original Screensavers: is developing screensavers based on our Biblical photos.

  The first screensaver has been released, featuring "Jesus footsteps - 1000 last days" - compiled according to our featured page.  Other screensavers, showing the sites of Nazareth and Jerusalem, and the amazing House of the Galilee, were released.


   Try them for Free! Click here for details.





3. Tours:


  This will be available in the future  




4. Biblical items:


Partner companies:




5. Banner and Text Advertisement:


  You can purchase space for banners or text advertisements to be placed  on selected pages. 

  Press here for details.
 - walk with us through the sites of the Holy Land