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Carmel caves listed as World Heritage sites


Dead Sea Scrolls go online


News on the Exclusive BibleWalks discovery - the Sabbath boundary marker found in  Timrat, flashes across hundreds of sites and blogs worldwide.


Roman bathhouse of 10th Legion discovered in Jerusalem


Tell Kassis discovery of a hoard of cultic vessels


Gamla Nature reserve burnt  (see Galilee news)


Tell Kassis excavations along natural gas pipeline, where

   Druze landowners clashed with police


Canaanite wall discovered in Jerusalem

     Details in Jerusalem news


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Pope's visit to the Holy Land


    Pope Benedict XVI is visiting the Holy Land in May 2009.  


New discoveries on Herod's burial chamber?


An amazing multi-media multi-sensory night tour in the national park of ancient Beit Shean.


Bahai Gardens named UNESCO World Heritage Site.

                           Read more in the Galilee news.


Don't miss the Dead Sea scrolls exhibition!



Oct 27, 2007: Tell Zibda and Kerioth Bypass



Oct 14, 2007: Plans of a resort Hotels complex in Timna park



June 13, 2007: Atlit - Hellenistic site razed




May 8/9, 2007: Herod's grave found

                          Read more


Feb 26, 2007: Documentary film claims tomb of Jesus & family was found in Jerusalem.

                           Read more


Feb 19, 2007: The Carmelites plan to build a Bahai-style garden

                           Read more


Feb 18, 2007: Update from the Western walls area - Mugrabim gate.

                           Read more.


Feb 14, 2007:  Sea of Galilee circumference trail faces objections.

                           Read more


Feb 14, 2007:  Who is buried in the Holy Bar-Yochai Tomb?

                           Read more


Feb 8, 2007: New research: Dome of Rock was built outside Temple area.

                           Read more.


Feb 6, 2007: Riots in the western wall area - Mugrabim gate.

                           Read more.


  • Jan 2007
       Jan 24, 2007: Section of Road to Temple mount excavated.

                           Read more.


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