This web page has a set of references and tools for researching the bible, the history and the Holy Land.





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This page has a set of useful research references and tools:











Misc Refs





(1) Biblical references (KJV):







You can also search the bible - in our info page.


(2) Historical and Archaeological References:










  • Atiqot - publications of the IAA



You can also see our timeline page - in our info page.


(3) Maps References:



  •    Survey of Western Palestine  (19th C) (a must reference!)

    Vol1  (sheets 1-6)

    Vol2 (sheets 7-16) 

    Vol3 (sheets 17-26)

    Other listings (Internet Archive)

             Arabic and English names of sites (BiblePlaces)


                  Also in English (abstracts)


     You can also see the maps for each region, and additional links in the maps info page.


(4) Dictionary:











You can also see our Glossary and Etymology- in the info pages.


(5) Mishna & Talmud references:



(6) Misc references:




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