This web page lists a set of maps of the sites that are featured in Additional maps include maps of the Bible, the history and the Holy Land. A list of useful links are provided as well.




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This page lists a set of useful maps that are featured in BibleWalks

    or in external web sites:



Regional sites


Biblical maps


External Maps


History maps




(1) Regional sites maps:


   Since there are hundreds of Biblical sites, we grouped the sites according to their geographical region.

  For most of the regions we have a local map. Each of these maps show the location of the sites that are featured in BibleWalks sites reviews. You can use the maps to navigate to the selected featured sites.














The maps are based on Google maps, and combine satellite imagery and interactive controls.


The following map of Israel shows these regions.  You can point on the purple points to navigate to the selected regional sites map or sites gallery.





(2) Biblical maps:


  • The Tribes - map of the Biblical tribes of Israel (Galilee tribes)


  • Jesus Travels - map of sites where Jesus has traveled, and mapped to the sites that are featured in



(3) External Maps References:



  • Interactive Maps (Historic maps from the Bible resource center)



  • Old maps of Holy Land  (Hebrew Univ. collection)





  • Topo maps with PEF survey overlay ("Amud Anan" - a great navigation tool)


  •    Survey of Western Palestine  (19th C) - see our References







(4) Dynamic historical maps:


  • The Empires - animated story of the birth and death of ancient empires in the region, that shaped the course of history.


  • The Religions - animated story of the life cycles of religions, that shaped the history of the region.







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