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  This page summarizes the acts, healing, preaching and miracle making of Jesus in his last 3 years.

  A map and table summarizes the 100 events in the last 1000 days, and points to the reviewed sites in




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  This page provides a summary of the travels, acts, healing, preaching and miracle making of Jesus. It maps the places where these events occurred to the sites that are reviewed in




Map of Galilee and Jesus footsteps:


The following map shows the major places in the Galilee where Jesus visited in the 3 years of activities (27AD-30AD).


Click on a red spot to get more info on the site where Jesus has visited


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You can also see a another set of maps of the Travels of Jesus in the Holy Land.


Jesus Acts: 100 events in the last 1000 days


   The following table summarizes the 100 events (acts, healing, travel and miracles) of Jesus in his last 1000 days. It provides references in the Four Gospels of the new testament, and points to the sites that are reviewed in


   Reference (see References below): The list is based on the Harmonies of the Gospels, which are   an attempt to organize the Four Gospels into some chronological sequence. The dates are approximated: the years are debated among various scholars (for example: Xenos), and the months are intuitive according to the order and timing of the events.


Legend of References: Lk=Luke,  Jn=John, Mk=Mark,  Mt=Matthew



The event

Event type When Where Gospels reference
1 Jesus travels from Nazareth (Jesus is about 30 years old) to Capernaum Travel (1st year)


Capernaum Lk 3:23, Mt 4:13
2 Baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan river Baptize 28AD Jordan river Mk 1:9-11,Mt 3:13-17
3 Goes into Judean desert, faces the devil's temptation Travel stays for 40 days Desert Mk 1:12,Lk 4:1,Mt 4:1
4 Jesus calls his first five disciples to meet at the place of baptism Meeting   Bethabara, beyond the Jordan river Jn 1:28-42
5 Jesus returns to Galilee with his disciples


Travel   Galilee Jn 1:43
6 turns water into wine in a wedding


Miracle 28AD Cana Jn 2:1
7 Travels and stays in Capernaum for a short while


Lodging   Capernaum Jn 2:12
8 Travels to Jerusalem for Passover


Travel Apr. 28AD Jerusalem Jn 2:13
9 Drives out the money changers from the temple Act   temple Jn 2:14
10 Meets Nicodemus the Pharisee


Meeting at night Jerusalem Jn 3:1-21
11 Jesus leaves with his disciples to baptize believers Act   land of Judea Jn 3:22
12 Jesus continues north with his disciples,  meets a Samaritan woman near Jacob's well


Travel, Meeting   Village of Sychar in Samaria Jn 4:4-5
13 Adds Samaritans to his believers


Act for 2 days Samaria Jn 4:39-42
14 Departs to Galilee


Travel after 2 days Samaria Jn 4:43
15 Reaches Galilee, received by residents


Travel   Galilee Jn 4:44-45
16 Heals the official's son (laid sick in Capernaum) Miracle   Cana Jn 4:46-54
17 Moves to Capernaum Lodging (2nd year)


Capernaum Mk 1:21,Mt 4:13,Lk 4:31
18 Starts to preach


Acts   Capernaum Mt 4:17
19 Heals madman in synagogue


Healing   synagogue Mk 1:23 Lk 4:33
20 Heals Peter's mother in law of fever Healing   Peter's house Mk 1:29 Mt 8:14-17, Lk 4:38
21 Travels, preaching and healing Travel,


  synagogues in the Galilee Mk 1:39,Mt 4:23
22 Heals the leper Healing   city in the Galilee Mk 1:40, Lk 5:12, Mt 8:2
23 Returns to Capernaum


Travel   Capernaum Mk 2:1
24 Heals a paralyzed man Healing   Capernaum Mk 2:3,Mt 9:2, Lk 5:18
25 Jesus calls Levi (Matthew)the tax collector to be a disciple Acts   Capernaum Mk 2:14,Mt 9:9, Lk 5:27
26 Jesus travels to Jerusalem to a Jewish Festival (Passover? Shavout?) Travel Apr/May 29AD Jerusalem Jn 5:1
27 Heals crippled man Healing On a Sabbath Jerusalem, pool of Bethesda Jn 5:2-19
28 Returns north


Travel   sea of Galilee Jn 6:1
29 Heals a man with shrivelled hand Healing   synagogue in Galilee Mk 3:1, Mt 12:9, Lk 6:6
30 Heals many others


Healing   Galilee Mk 3:7,Mt 12:15
31 Selects his 12 apostles Acts   Galilee hillside, near Capernaum Mk 3:13,Mt 10:1, Lk 6:12
32 Delivers sermon on the mount (or hillside) Preaching   Galilee hillside, near Capernaum Mt 5, Lk 6:20
33 Heals a servant of Roman centurion


Healing   Capernaum Mt 8:5, Lk 7:2
34 Continues to preach & heal Preaching,


35 Brings back the widow's son back to life


Healing   Nain Lk 7:11-16
36 Tours the Galilee with his 12 apostles and assistant women Travel   Galilee Lk 8:1
37 Sails across the sea of Galilee Travel   Jesus Boat Mk 4:35, Mt 8:18, Lk 8:22
38 Calms a storm (see painting) Miracle   sea of Galilee


Mk 4:37, Mt 8:24, Lk 8:23
39 Land in region of Gerasenes/Gadarenes Travel   gentile Decapolis Mk 5:1,Lk 8:26/

Mt 8:28



Heals madman/madmen; their devils driven out into herd of pigs who then drown in the lake; Healing   Kursi Mt 8:28-34,Mk 5:1-14, Lk 8:26-33


Greeted by the whole city Acts   Gadarenes Mt 8:34,Mk 5:14-20,

Lk 8: 34-37



Sails back to Capernaum Travel   sea of Galilee,


Mk 5:2122


Heals daughter of Jairus Healing   Capernaum  


Returns to Nazareth Travel   Nazareth Mk 6:1


Rejected again in his home town Acts   Synagogue in Nazareth Mk 6:1, Mt 13:54


Travels in the Galilee Travel   Galilee Mt 13:58, Mk 6:6


Sends out the 12 apostles to preach Preach   Galilee Mk 6:7, Mt 10:5, Lk 9:1


The 12 return back from the tour Travel   Capernaum Mk 6:30, Lk 9:10


Jesus sails with the 12 to a quite place Travel   sea of Galilee Mk 6:32


Feeds the 5,000 Miracle   near Bethsaida Mk 6:33, Mt 14:14, Lk 9:10, Jn 6:5


Disciples sail back Travel   sea of Galilee Mk 6:45, Mt 14:22


Jesus walks on the water to them Miracle   sea of Galilee Mk 6:48, Mt 14:25, Jn 6:19


Land on the shore of the  plains of Gennesaret Travel   sea of Galilee Mk 6:53, Mt 14:34


Heals many people Healing    Gennesaret Mk 6:53, Mt 14:34


returns home;

Jesus teaches about the bread of life

Travel, preach   Capernaum Jn 6:24, Jn 6:26


Travels to coast of Tyre & Sidon

(Syrian Phoenicia, north of Galilee)

Travel   Tyre, Sidon Mk 7:24, Mt 15:21


Heals daughter of gentile woman Healing     Mt 15:22-29, Mk7:25


Returns to Decapolis Travel   midst of coast of Decapolis Mk 7:31


Heals the deaf & mute man Healing   Decapolis Mk 7:32


Feeds the 4,000 Miracle   Decapolis Mk 8:1-9,Mt 16:5-12


Sails to a town near Magdala (also called Dalmanutha) Travel   near Magdala Mk 8:10, Mt 15:39


The Pharisees and Sadducees ask for proof - a sign from heaven Acts   near Magdala Mk 8:11, Mt 16:1-4


Departs to Beithsaida Travel   Bethsaida Mk 8:22-26


Heals blind man Healing   Bethsaida Mk 8:22-26


Travels to Caesarea Phillipi (upper Galilee) Travel   Caesarea Phillipi Mk 8:27, Mt 16:13


Peter confesses that Jesus is Christ Acts   Caesarea Phillipi Mk 8:29, Mt 16:16
67 Travel to high mountain (Hermon? Tabor?) Travel after 6 days Mt Hermon

or Mt Tabor

Mk 9:2, Mt 17:1, Lk 9:28
68 The disciples see Jesus transfigured in presence of Elijah and Moses     Mt Hermon

or Mt Tabor

Mk 9:2, Mt 17:1, Lk 9:28
69 Heals boy with epilepsy Healing   Mt Tabor ? Mk 9:14
70 Travels in the Galilee Travel   Galilee/Capernaum Mk 9:30, Mt 17:22-24
71 Jesus makes prophecy on his last days in Galilee Acts   Galilee Mt 17:22-23
72 Jesus pays the temple tax with a fish Acts   Capernaum Mt 17:24-27
73 Jesus remains in Galilee to avoid problems with the Jews Travel   Galilee Jn 7:1
74 Leaves Galilee  (for last time) Travel   Galilee Mk 10:1, Mt 19:1
75 On his way to Jerusalem, arrives to Samaria Travel   Samaria Lk 9:51, Jn 7:10
76 Heals the ten lepers Healing   Samaria village Lk 17:11
77 Rejected in Samaritan village Acts   Samaria village Lk 9:52
78 Arrives in Jerusalem for the feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth) Travel Oct, 29AD Jerusalem Jn 7:2-
79 Went up to the temple, to mount of olives and back to the temple Travel   Temple, Mount of Olives Jn 7:14-8:2
80 Forgives a woman caught in adultery, although the Pharisees wanted to stone her     Temple Jn 8:3
81 Heals a blind man Healing   Temple Jn 9:1
82 Travels in Judea; meets Martha & Mary Travel   Bethany, near Jerusalem Lk 10:38
83 Returns to Jerusalem for Hanukkah Travel Dec, 29AD Ophel and Hulda gates Jn 10:22
84 Stays in Bethabara and Perea Travel (3rd year)

Jan, 30AD

BethAbara Jn 10:40
85 Raises Lazarus from the dead Healing   Bethany Jn 11:1
86 After threats on his life, moves to Ephraim Travel   Ephraim Jn 11:54
87 Works in Perea (east of Jordan river) Acts   Perea region Mk 19:1, Mt 19:1
88 Blesses little children, speaks to rich young man Acts   Perea Mk 10:13, Mt 19:13, Lk 18:15
89 Passes in Jericho, heals blind men Healing Mar 30AD Jericho Mk 10:46, Mt 20:29, Lk 18:35
90 Converts Zacchaeus, tax collector Acts   Jericho Lk 19:1
91 In the house of Lazarus, Mary and Martha; anointed by Mary Acts 6 days before Passover;

Apr 18

Bethany, Mount of Olives Jn 12, Mk 14:3, Mt 26:6
92 Before Passover, visits Jerusalem every day and returns to Bethany at night, for 6 days Travel Apr 24-29, AD30AD Jerusalem Mk 11:11, Mt 21:17, Lk 21:37
93 Rides into Jerusalem on a donkey (the Messiah according to the Jewish tradition) Travel Sunday before Passover Mount of Olives Jn 12:12-15Lk 19:37
94 This excitement is noticed by the chief priests     Temple mount Lk 19:39; Mt 21:15 Mk 11:11.
95 Overturns table of money changers and merchants Acts   Southern Wall Mt 21:12
96 Last supper Acts   Bethany Lk 22:14
97 Hides in the garden with his disciples; captured after Judas betrayal Acts at night Gethsemane John 18: 1-3
98 Tried and convicted Acts   Flagellation Mk 14:50-15:39,Lk 23:4
99 Led to the cross     Via Dolorosa Luke 23, 26
100 Jesus is crucified Friday, 15th of Nissan Acts Apr 30AD Holy Sepulchre Mk 14:12, Jn 19:31





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