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 This page provides an overview to the web pages, information and the  sites that are reviewed in, and focus on Jesus.



Jesus Acts: 100 events in the last 1000 days



   Check this tabular list, which maps the events to the sites in It  summarizes the 100 events (acts, healing, travel and miracles) of Jesus in his last 1000 days. It provides references in the Four Gospels of the new testament, and points to the sites that are reviewed in


    A pictorial "slide" presentation is also available in our daughter web site,  footsteps of Jesus.





Check the following maps:




Biblical Sites Galleries:


   Check our Biblical sites galleries that show the sites in the regions where Jesus had most of his activities:


 Sea of Galilee

Lower Galilee

Jezreel Valley







At: Nazareth Greek Catholic church.





   Story of Jesus, walking thru the biblical sites of the Holy Land. A subtitle describes the event and the site, according to the tabular list of "Jesus 100 events in last 1000 days". Each event is mapped to our daughter web site which provides additional information for each event,


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  Screensaver - Jesus Footsteps





Check out our pictorial presentation of the footsteps of Jesus.



     - following His footsteps  

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