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This page summarizes the sites that are reviewed in the area of the port city of Acre (Akko).


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This page is a sites gallery of the area of the north ancient port city of Acre.

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Acre (Akko) - Overview


The old city of Acre (Akko) is a large walled city on the shores of the bay of Haifa. As the largest natural port in the Galilee and Israel, it  has a long history of conquests and ruling empires. It was one of the main  Crusaders'  fortifications and ports.




Tell Akko


The city of Akko (Acre) original site in the Biblical times was several KM east of the old city of Acre. The site, the Tell (mound) of Akko, was one of the important port cities in the ancient world, situated on the northern gate to Israel.


Tell Akko (Acre) is the biblical site of the city. The Tell is located east to the old city, and was once an important city located on Via Maris.


Judges 1: 31: "Asher drove not out the inhabitants of Acco, nor the inhabitants of Zidon, nor of Ahlab, nor of Achzib, nor of Helbah, nor of Aphik, nor of Rehob;"



Khan al-Umdan


This Khan (hostel) is one of the most beautiful sites in the old city of Acre. It was used as a hostel and storage for the sea merchants. Built in 1784-5 by Jezzer Pasha over parts of the inner Crusaders port.


Khan al-Umdan in the old city of Acre.





Acre's port


Acre was an important port city in ancient times. The modern marina is located where the ancient port used to be - on the southern side of the old city.





Aqueduct of Acre (Akko)


The Aqueduct brought running water to the old city of Acre, along a raised aqueduct. The source of the water was the springs of Cabri, 12KM away.




Templars Tunnel, Acre


The 12th C tunnel was built by the Templars to connect their fortress on the south-west side of Acre to the harbor on the south-east side.


Acre: Templars tunnel





Knights Halls


The 12th-13th C Crusaders main fortress and headquarters, halls and structures on the North-West side of the city.


Acre: Knights Halls




Citadel of Acre


The Citadel of Acre (Akko) was built on the ruins of the Crusaders fortress on the North-West side of the city. The citadel was the palace of the Governor during the 18th-20th C and later became a large British prison.


Acre: The citadel




St. John Church


 An 18th C Catholic church located on the southern side of the old city of Acre, which was built over the Templars earlier 12th C church.


St John in Acre




St. Andrews Church, Acre


 This Greek Catholic Church, built in 1765, is located on the southern-western side of the old city of Acre, over the ruins of a Crusader church.


Acre: St. Andrews



St. George Church, Acre


 This Greek Orthodox Church, built in the 17th C, is located on the southern-western side of the old city of Acre, over the ruins of a Crusader church.


St George Church, Acre: view from the north-west




Bahai Center, Acre


   In Acre and around it are several Holy sites for the Bahai faith, marking the sites were the founder BahaUllah lived his last 32 years and was buried.


 Bahai sites: House of Abbud, Acre



El-Majadele Mosque


   A 19th C mosque  on the western side of Acre.  It was built over the western tower of the Crusader's fortress.







Acre Lighthouse


   The lighthouse is located on the south-western corner of Acre. It is located over the foundations of the Crusaders Templar fortress.

Acre lighthouse 



Remains of the Roman/Byzantine city


 Recent emergency excavations along Jehoshaphat street in Acre revealed parts of the Roman and Byzantine city, east of the old city.



Humus in Acre


No visit is complete in Acre without a meal of the fresh Hummus in one of the restaurants in the old city.



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